for our Teacher S.N.Goenka
on the Occasion of His 100th Birthday

Although we do not normally celebrate birthdays at centres, Goenkaji’s centenary is an important event to recognize and pay respects to our teacher, without whom Dhamma Suttama and the other centres
around the world would not exist.

While most old students never met Goenkaji personally, we recognize him as our teacher and every time we sit a course or group sitting, we are close to him. Indeed, our gratitude towards him is boundless, and inspires many of us to help others benefit from and develop in Dhamma!

Thus, this celebration is not a blind rite or ritual but rather an opportunity to develop our quality of gratitude towards the person who gave us Dhamma.

As old students of Dhamma Suttama, we will have the opportunity to express our gratitude to Goenkaji together
during these two upcoming special commemorations:

On Sunday October 1st

A Virtual Old Student Group Sitting will be held over Zoom at 6 p.m.
followed by a Diaporama on Goenkaji's Life.

(English and French presentations will be hosted in separate "virtual Zoom rooms").
To join:
PW: behappy

The Regional weekly Sunday group sittings
in Montreal at 6 p.m.
in Québec City ahead of schedule at 6 p.m.
will broadcast the virtual sitting and the diaporama.

The other regional groups, as well as informal groups of old students from Dhamma Suttama are also encouraged to organize in-presence group sittings and also broadcast the event virtually.

In addition, on September 29th

On the last day of Dhamma Suttama’s Seasonal Service Period, and just before the following children’s course, a group sitting will be held, also in gratitude to Goenkaji; it too followed by a presentation on Goenkaji’s life of service.

We are offering these events to recognize Goenkaji
and all that he has done to spread Dhamma to millions of people around the world.

May All Beings Be Happy!