Quebec Vipassana Foundation

Vipassana Foundation

810 Côte Azélie,
Montebello, Québec, J0V 1L0

Information (answering machine):  [1] (514) 481-3504
Fax:  [1] (514) 879-3437
Email:   [email protected]

Registration committee

For questions regarding the courses, leave a message on the Foundation's answering machine or send e-mail to :

Fax:  [1] (514) 879-3437
Email:   [email protected]

Centre's address

Dhamma Suttama
810 Côte Azelie
Montebello (Québec)

You can phone the centre at the number below, but for information it is better to phone the Foundation.

Phone:  [1] (819) 423-1414


Send any comments or suggestions to :

Email:   [email protected]

Dhamma Service

To serve a course or to join a committee, visit the Service Page. You can contact the Service committee by sending an e-mail to :

Email:   [email protected]

Old Student Contact

Should you have any questions about opportunities to serve, resources for old student, or regional activities; or if you would like to make any changes to the info provided on the ‘old student interest survey’, please don't hesitate to contact us at :  

Phone (answering machine): [1] (438) 238-3803
Email:   [email protected]