(updated May 7, 2022)

Before completing an application, it is important to review the information below regarding the current measures and acceptance criteria.

These measures and acceptance criteria are necessary in order to comply with the sanitary guidelines issued by the Public Health Department to ensure the safety of meditators, servers and teachers attending the Centre.

  • Vaccination passport: As of March 12, the vaccination passport is not required anymore.
  • A plan for an early return:  You must have a plan in case you need to leave before the end ot the course. This could happen if public health measures no longer allow us to continue the course or if you develop symptoms related to COVID-19. Please note that you should also plan for the eventuality that you cannot return on your own.

  • Increased risk of serious illness: Although the centre takes every precaution, there is no guarantee that COVID-19 will not occur during the course.
    WARNING: Certain conditions may increase the risk of serious illness from COVID-19. These conditions are as follows:
    • Age over 65 years
    • Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
    • Severe heart problems
    • Immunosuppression (for example, from cancer treatment, smoking, bone marrow or organ transplants, immune deficiency, poorly controlled HIV or AIDS, or long-term use of corticosteroids and other immune-suppressing drugs)
    • Severely overweight
    • Diabetes / chronic kidney disease on dialysis
    • Liver disease
    • Pregnancy

  • Limited Menu Choices: Due to the constraints of serving meals in the dining room, it is not possible to offer the usual variety of food items and menu choices.
  • Face Masks: As long as the Public Health Department requires masks to be worn in indoor public areas, you will be required to wear a procedure mask at all times in the centre except when sitting in your seat in the dining room, when you are outside, in your room or in the bathroom. Note: you must wear the mask even when you are sitting in the meditation room. This measure applies until May 14.
  • Declaration: When you register upon arrival at the centre on Day 0, you will be asked the check-in questions again and will also be asked to sign a declaration to confirm that you understand the need for the new procedures and that you will comply with the requirements.
  • Rideshare: The rideshare service has resumed; the link to access it is in your acceptance and confirmation letters.