The Vipassana Centre near Montebello
An ideal site for offering Dhamma to more students

Established on a secluded 600-acre property, the Québec Vipassana Centre is located on a quiet paved road north of Montebello, easily accessible from Highway 50 between Montréal and Ottawa/Gatineau.

Most of the buildings of this former private co-educational high school, are concentrated on a low bluff overlooking an open valley.

The main building, constructed in 1981, is of an impressive quality. It contains a large entrance hall and two dining rooms with beautiful wooden beams and ceilings, a professional kitchen with a large walk-in cooler, and plenty of office space.

The separate attached residences have proven to be almost ideal for initial use, with sufficient double or private bedrooms, and common bathrooms and showers. Adjacent classrooms have been transformed into shared bedrooms.

Two meditation halls, each with a capacity of about 75 students, were set up on the first and second floors of the former gymnasium complex, which was constructed in 2008. The gymnasium itself, on the first floor, is large enough eventually to house many individual meditation cells.

The property includes, in addition, five separate residences, a farm with two houses, a barn, a garage, a workshop, and all the necessary maintenance equipment.

Needless to say, this site, which will keep on being developed to meet our meditation needs, greatly increases the potential of offering Dhamma to more and more students.