The objective of this policy is to affirm that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to be free from psychological and sexual harassment within their organization, including any form of discriminatory harassment.

It also aims to establish the principles of intervention that are applied in the organization when a complaint of harassment is filed or a situation of harassment is reported to the Foundation or to its representatives.

Harassment, in all its forms, is contrary to the high standards of conduct that the Foundation imposes from all its officers, teachers, members of the Board of Directors, managers, salaried employees or volunteers in its service (hereinafter referred to as "staff members").

Staff members must observe basic rules of courtesy and behave respectfully towards each other regardless of their hierarchical level or contractual status.

All must strive to prevent psychological or sexual harassment and take effective and prompt protective measures as soon as they become aware of a harassment situation in order to put an immediate end to it.

This policy applies to all Foundation property, including the following locations and contexts:

  • Workplaces;

  • Common areas (e. g., main building, meditation pavilion, outdoor dormitories);

  • Dwelling houses provided to staff members by the Foundation;

  • Any other place where staff members must be in the course of their service (e.g., meetings, training, travel, activities organized by the Foundation);

  • Communications by any means, technological or other (e.g., social media, emails, text messages, postings, letters, etc.)

The complete text of the said policy is presented HERE.

The complaint form is available by clicking on the following link : PSYCHOLOGICAL OR SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMPLAINT FORM